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What is Lightping?

Lightping is a tool accessible to all that helps users navigate through social media feeds by tracking and filtering the main networks in real time. We are here to bring social data to life through smooth, crisp visualizations and help you track engagement, the evolution of marketing campaign, the spread of an information...

The Product

Back end - Real Time Social Tracker:

  • Connection to social network’s streaming API’s
  • Data Collection
  • Data enrichment
  • Storing, Indexing & Statistics
  • Administration system (managing your streams, modifying keywords, moderation…)

Or plug in your own! Already have your in-house visuals or want to create your module and connect it to our real time tracker? No problem, read our API Documentation (REST + Websocket) and develop your own widget on top of our back end.

Creating your unique Lightping visualization with Lightmods

When it comes to visualizations, your imagination is the limit. Below you will find just a few examples of the different types of modules we can create(lightmods). Whether you want to display your online community, create a social hub, track an event or create engagement, we will deliver what’s right for you.

The right module for you

We believe one size doesn’t fit all and that what’s important is using the module that best suits your needs.

  • Post wall
  • Media wall
  • Profile picture timeline
  • Activity module
  • Voting Module

You then choose your format (colors, animations, social network…). And if it’s not here, just let us know and we will custom create it for you!

Social Media Maps

Mapping data is a great way to identify patterns, locate your community or track the spread of an information. We can create maps that match your brand or identity as well as the animations displayed (heat maps, bubble maps, animated icons, customized icons...)

Mix and match

Once you’ve identified the modules, format and animations that are right for you, let us know and we will put them together to create your ideal layout.


Lightping is based on the Lightstream technology which was built to be the easiest way to track social activity in real time. We use the latest technologies available in order to combine real time, availability and smooth visuals so you get the best experience. 100% responsive and embeddable in an iFrame or as a Javascript widget.


We have something for everybody. Start with our free Tweetping Plan for Twitter, and if you need more, switch to one of our data plans to add data sources and tracked posts. We host it and manage everything for you. Just enter you keywords and you’re good to go! All you need to is relax and watch the social magic :)

Create your own !

Collect tweets about your event, brand, topic ...
Engage people with realtime visual display

Big screen

Display it during your events,
your presentations,
in your command center

On your website

Embed it on your website
as simple as a youtube player
with one line of code


Share it as a simple link
and create the buzz with a new
innovating branding support

They trust us



  • DisplayRestrictedLogin required
  • Data100K tweets/monthRealtime stops when limit is reached


  • DisplayPublicShare it everywhere
  • DataUnlimited Tweets Realtime never stops
    (Max rate: 30 tweets/second)


  • DisplayAdaptedPrivate, public, whitelist
  • DataCustom sources Social data, internal company data,